Peer Advisory Committee (PAC) Application

If you ever wanted to get involved in making decisions for the High School ministry, this is your chance! Application due Sunday, September 29th at 11:59 PM.

The Peer Advisory Committee (“the PAC”), works alongside the servants to offer services to the High School youth. There are many different subcommittees you can choose from to really have a voice in improving the services we offer. 


  • Retreat Planning - responsible for the detailed planning of one or two retreats per year. Some tasks include: topic selection, speaker selection, site recommendations, activity planning, etc. 

  • Special Events - responsible for planning a variety of events on a regular basis (i.e. once a month). Events can include those that are related to sports, serivce or social outings. 

  • Outreach/visitation - responsible for working with the servants to ensure all high school teens are known and cared for. This includes making calls to follow up on teens who are absent and scheduling visits for the servants to go to. 

  • Social Media/Public Relations - responsible for announcing upcoming events and important messages. Also responsible for setting up and monitoring effective social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc). 

  • Curriculum - responsible for receiving feedback from peers to suggest to servants relevant topics on a quarterly basis. This committee may also recommend to servants various ideas of how to engage the classroom more effectively.  

Some great examples of how PAC members improved the service in the previous years are: submitting curriculum topics, setting up the classroom (including technology set up), planning retreats, facilitating fundraisers and organizing various social events. Not to mention, this looks great on your college applications and can be counted as volunteer hours! 

If you would like to apply, please complete the form below by Sunday, September 29th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. It is recommended that you write your answers out in a separate document, and copy and paste them here when finished.

For youth who are new to PAC, or were not part of PAC during the 2018-2019 school year:

For youth who were part of PAC in the 2018-2019 school year: