High School Retreat

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  • When:  April 12-14

Please fill out the retreat center waiver (click here) and email to maggieshehata@gmail.com before registering for the retreat.

Note regarding cost: It is our desire that every teen joins us on the retreat and that nothing is a barrier to their attendance. For this reason, we only advertise the cost as $100 per person. Having said that, the total cost is actually $150. If you would like to offer the total price for your child, you may do so. Additionally, if you need financial assistance, please communicate with one of the priests or servants.

Please select your payment option below:

  • $150- I am able/willing to pay full price. 

  • $100- I am able/willing to pay the base price. 

  • $25- I am able to pay the deposit at this time and will pay the remainder before the retreat. All further payments will be made directly with a priest or High School servant, in person.

Please select a payment option: