St. Mary Revival: Liturgy and Nahda/Revival Schedule

Liturgy Schedule:

Monday: 10am-12pm

Tuesday: 10am-12pm

Wednesday: 10am-12pm

Thursday: 10am-12pm

Friday-Sunday: 8am-10am (normal liturgy times) 

Nahda/Revival Schedule

Nahda/Revival will be everyday from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, starting on Wednesday, 8/15

Bishop Abraham will pray Nahda/Revival on 8/11.

Speaker Schedule: 


Wed 15th - Fr. Antony Attallah

Thurs 16th - Metropolitan Serapion

Friday 17th - Fr. David Elias

Saturday 18th - Fr. Daniel Meleka

Sunday 19th - Fr. Beshoy Dawoud

Monday 20th - TBA

Tuesday 21st - Fr. Joseph Ibrahim


Wed 15th - Fr. Daniel Azer

Thurs 16th - Metropolitan Serapion

Friday 17th - Fr. Antony Mikhail

Saturday 18th - Fr. David Elias

Sunday 19th - Fr. Antony Attallah 

Monday 20th - Dr. Ihab

Tuesday 21st - Fr. Bishoy Aziz