Register Your Child for the St. Mary School!

Welcome to St. Mary School in Northridge, CA. We are a private, Christian school established in 2005 with a philosophy to raise well-rounded Christian children. At St. Mary School, each child is treated as a unique gift of God, trusting that if the Lord Christ, Himself, is at the center and heart of a child from their early beginnings, they will grow to become a positive presence to our community and society.

We believe that every moment is a teachable moment and an opportunity to build a better Christian student. We look at a child from a holistic perspective, which includes their family, school, and environment. We offer all our experience to bring our children to their fullest potential. Our experienced and loving teachers provide a fun, quality education in a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

We offer large, well-equipped classrooms with small class sizes in order to provide personal attention to each child. Take a look through our school programs and upcoming events. You can always give us a call if you have any questions.