St. Mary Revival: Liturgy and Speakers Schedule

There will be an 8AM liturgy everyday, starting August 7th, with the Feast Liturgy on 8/22. 

Nahda/Revival will start the second week 8/14 from 7:30-9:30 PM.

English Speakers Schedule

8/14 Fr. Daniel Meleka

8/15 Bishop Abraham

8/16 Fr. Lazarus Yassa

8/17 Fr. James Soliman 

8/18 Fr. Antony Attallah

8/19 Fr. David Elias

8/20 Fr. Andrew Hanna 

8/21 Bishop Kyrillos



Arabic Speakers Schedule

8/14 Fr. Daniel Azer 

8/15 Anba Abraham

8/16 Fr. Tadros Tadros 

8/17 Fr. Antony Attallah

8/18 Fr. David Elias

8/19 Fr. Bishoy aziz

8/20 Fr. Raphael hanna

8/21 Anba Kyrillos